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About us

We Supply Filter Media For Dust Filtration, Liquid Filtration and replacement accessories, woven filter fabric, nonwoven filter cloth, filter bag, filter cartridge, filter mesh, cage and accessories, airslide belt, sewing thread, etc, you can find what you need for filter product solution.

EFILTER located in Shandong Province, China, we make filter cloth and filter bags to fit most styles and types of dust collection systems. Filter bags come in a wide range of fabrics, coatings, finishes, sizes and configurations.  Let us help you today to find the right bag for your application and dust collection system.  With over 20,000 bags in stock and the ability to expedite custom orders, we deliver better lead times, cost effective solutions and responsive service to your filter bag needs.

At Efilter, when you win, our company and our employees win with you. Your success is our success. Call us today to learn how we can help you.




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