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The measurement and installation of the filter cage

The dust-removing cage plays a decisive role in dust-removing filter bags and cloth bag dust collectors. Without the support of the dust removal framework, the dust removal filter bag cannot complete the entire process of dust removal, and the bag dust collector cannot play its role. Therefore, the preliminary measurement and the later installation of the dust removal framework are very important.

Dust removal cage measurement matters
1. Measure the diameter of the dust-removing ceiling plate. The outer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter of the ceiling plate and dust-removing filter bag.

2. The spacing of the dust removal cage ring is 200mm.

3. The total length of the dust-removing cage is less than 10-50mm of the dust-removing filter bag, which is determined according to the actual working conditions and the performance of the filter bag.

4. The venturi tube of the dust removal framework is processed with reasonable streamlined and thick material. The streamline shape of the venturi tube determines the strength of the airflow and the thorough cleaning of the dust.

5. The measured diameter of the outer diameter of the dust removal framework is close to the manufacturer's standard size. The processing size is very good, which can save a lot of unnecessary mold production and consumption.

Precautions for installation of dust removal framework
Before installing the dust-removing framework, check whether the quality of the dust-removing filter bag and the dust-removing frame are qualified. The bag requires no off-line, jumper wire, wireless head, and the size of the bag should match the diameter of the frame. Also, check whether the material of the bag matches the one ordered.

If there are differences, please contact the supplier as soon as possible for a replacement. The high-quality dust-removing cage requires a smooth appearance, no burrs, and no leakage welding. The simple method is to look at the welding part, the white glove of the handbag, and there is no hanging thread.

A good dust-removing framework should have sufficient strength, rigidity, verticality, and size accuracy to prevent compression deformation, damage during transportation, the filter bags are in contact with each other after being installed in the dust collector, and it is difficult to bag and friction of the bag frame Occurred; in the manufacturing process, all solder joints must be firm, no de-soldering, virtual soldering, and missing soldering are allowed; the surface is required to be smooth and straight, without burrs, and the welding is uniform. Surface treatment can choose to spray plastic or silicone treatment. There are galvanized or stainless steel materials with temperature and humidity requirements for corrosion protection.

The filtering method of dust removal cage
Dust-removing framework filter bag filtering: Dust-removing cloth bag is a cylindrical body surrounded by a single layer of fabric, usually round, which is characterized by a simple structure and easy cleaning. When the dusty air passes through the filter bag, the dust is separated from the airflow by means of screening, collision, and an interception.

The advantages of the dust filter bag filter are high filtration efficiency, and the full dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.5% in the dust chamber of the textile factory. The structure is simple and the power consumption is low. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fire, the filter bag is easy to condense, the amount of air filtered per unit area is small, and the amount of filter cloth is large. In a short time after cleaning, the filtered air has a high dust concentration and poor working conditions.

The mechanism of the dust removal framework filtering dust removal is the comprehensive effect of the short-range capture mechanism such as the sieve effect, direct interception, diffusion sedimentation, inertial collision, and electrostatic adsorption.

When the dusty air passes through the filter material such as mesh, fabric, non-woven fabric, foam plastic, etc., the dust layer formed inside or on the surface of the filter material, and the filter layer formed by the upper layer of the powder are trapped, so that Detached. With the thickening of the dust layer, the dust layer needs to be removed regularly to ensure the continuous process of dust removal.
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