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  • Needle felt filter fabrics are available in kinds of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, acrylic, nomex, pps, p84, PTFE, fiberglass, and various weights, lengths and widths.

  • suitable stainless steel spring belt for filter bag top, size fit, and good elasticity

  • relfilter manufactures a full line of properly engineered venturis, available in various materials of construction including spun aluminum, steel and stainless steels. Choose from several styles, alre

  • We providing a wide range of dust collector filter bag for any baghouse collector, Optional fabric: PE (Polyester), PP (Polypropylene), Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, Fiberglass, PPS, PTFE, P84 and etc.

  • relfilter manufactures a wide range of baghouse filter cages to fit all baghouse makes and models, supply properly designed filter cages for filter bag

  • we are one of the best professional designer, manufacturer and seller of Liquid Filter bags. Our Liquid Filter Bags are made with PO, PE, Nylon, Meta-Aramid, PTFE etc

  • Relfilter spray booth ceiling filter fabrics are backed with imported PE net scrim, fiberglass net scrim, nylon net and fire retardant net scrim, are mainly used in surface spray-paint industry

  • We can produce PA, PET, PP, COTTON, TWILL MESH, kinds of woven filter press cloth used for filter. And PP is the most popular with its excellent water-solubility.

  • We have filter bag solutions for all major process steps in the cement industry. Available material: polyester filter bag for cement plant, nomex filter bag for cement plant, acrylic filter bag, FMS f

  • We supply PTFE membrane g;ass fiber filter bags of various shapes and sizes as per the customer requirements.



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